My reading habits

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My reading habits

Post by beejay » 11 Apr 2012, 12:35

I like reading crime novels, sc-fi novels and classic novels. Also I take in the odd biography/auto-biography from time to time.

I’ve recently bought an ipad with 3G capability. Along with my desktop PC it’s completely changed my reading habits.

The first change I find is that after having bought the ipad I then found I now have access to all the library that is used for ‘Kindle’ which is vast. I now don’t need to buy a kindle reader because the ipad does this job just as well.

There are many free books in the kindle library, anything like classics that were published 70 years ago or more are free. Consequently I am reading through all I can find by Zane Grey, the pioneer of the western novels.

* * *

The second change is audio books. Now I love having books read to me; this must be through my childhood days of listening to the radio.

My next-door neighbour introduced me to an audio book club where, once you join you can buy audiobooks at big discount prices to shop products. You don’t 'physically' buy but 'electronically' download to a computer.

I joined up and now get one book a month to download to my system. I found for me there is a side-affect from these audiobooks; they send me to sleep. :surprised:

But I found the answer in jigsaw puzzles. This keeps my brain ticking over just enough to stay awake but not enough to detract from absorbing the story.

I don’t do physical jigsaws either, but electronic jigsaws in my desktop PC. You can’t lose pieces and it takes up less room.

I’m now in seventh heaven - so long as I don’t get disturbed too often.

I’m not recommending that everyone should do these things but just sharing my preferences.

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