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Transport in Barnoldswick

Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 01:03
by Whyperion
A Place for Links to Transport Providers .

Pennine Motors , Service 215 Skipton-Barnoldswick-Earby-Colne-Nelson-Burnley.215 Timetable 2012

Pennine Motors Bus Services in Craven

Re: Transport in Barnoldswick ( Transdev )

Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 01:27
by Whyperion

Advise Fares Change Sunday 05th February 2012
Some Transdev in Lancashire bus fares will rise from this weekend, Sunday 5th February.

1-day Silver, SpotOn, Burnley and Pendle tickets remain at £4, representing excellent value for money. There will also be no increases to any single and return fares on SpotOn services 3 and 4.

Most other single and return tickets will rise by 10 or 20 pence and there will also be changes to many day, week, month and annual tickets. We understand that this will not be welcome news, especially at such a difficult time but, as everyone knows from their own domestic bills, costs have risen significantly. We continue to face rising fuel and insurance costs, together with reductions in funding from local authorities.

The Government’s reduction in the Bus Service Operators Grant from April 2012, which partly refunds some of the excise duty we pay on the fuel we buy means that we will be facing a shortfall of almost £150,000 this year.

We have tried to keep the increases as small as we have been able to, and where possible have frozen some fares.

We want people to continue using our services and have done what we can to keep the price of season tickets as low as possible for those people who use our buses most often.


Mainline offers high-frequency services along the main route between Colne and Padiham, with links to other towns in Pennine Lancashire and North Yorkshire.

Our smart, high quality service runs up to every 7-8 minutes between Colne and Padiham. The route extends east and west to serve Accrington, Clitheroe, Barnoldswick, Skipton and Keighley.

Buses show a range of numbers between 21 and 29, the number being determined by the final destination of the bus.
28 Burnley to Skipton via Earby & Barnoldswick (Oct 2011 Improved Timetable )
29 Burnley to Barnoldswick
280 Ribble Valley Express via Barnoldswick
872 DalesBus Burnley to Grassington
B1 Barnoldswick Town Service (anti-clockwise) from 26th March 2011
B2 Barnoldswick Town Service (clockwise) from 26th March 2011

All Mainline buses are easy-access types with a step-free entrance. There are dedicated places for buggies and wheelchair users. All passengers can enjoy a comfortable journey with bright modern
interiors and part leather seats new in 2009, when over half of the vehicles in the fleet were also replaced.

Summary of Main timetables , Mainline/Pennine as links from North Yorkshire CC Website if you prefer : Travel Info Summary of Daily Bus Services serving Barnoldswick

Infrequent Daily Service from Keighley West Yorkshire to Barnoldswick Slientnight Being Service 31 effective 31st January 2011

Re: Transport in Barnoldswick

Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 14:24
by Tardis
a day silver is actually £5.50

Re: Transport in Barnoldswick

Posted: 04 Feb 2012, 20:44
by Whyperion
Agreed , message posted from Transdev Press Release. Checking Fare Details on their webpages today :

Pendle tickets : The boundaries of these tickets are:

Colne Road, Casterton Avenue ; Higher Reedley Road, Hillingdon Road North
Nelson Road, Co-Op Farm;Trawden, Lane House
Laneshaw Bridge, Emmott Arms ;Barnoldswick, Fosters Arms

Pendle 1 Day : Adult £4.00;Child £4.00;Student £4.00
Pendle 7 Day : Adult £13.00;Child £8.00;Student £11.70

Child 1-Day Silver are £4.00

Re: Transport in Barnoldswick

Posted: 05 Feb 2012, 20:00
by Whyperion
Reminder too to anyone thinking of locating with family to Barnoldswick area that some local coach companies provide dedicated school route transport to/from schools in the locality , any prospective school will have details of times , costs , etc.
To an extent these services - along with the Pennine etc SDO operations on standard routes replace the former British Rail School Journeys Barnoldswick - Skipton that ran until closure of the Railway into Barnoldswick (see OGFB arcive for details of that history.

Re: Transport in Barnoldswick

Posted: 06 Feb 2012, 11:14
by Tardis
A day silver gets you all the way to Preston,

Never tried to go beyond Burnley, but understand it will go as far as Blackburn.

Have to admit I do like the Manchester "Witch" bus, especially with the price of car parking there.

Re: Starship Barnoldswick B1 B2 Revisions

Posted: 10 Feb 2012, 18:12
by Whyperion

From Monday 13th February there are changes to Starship B1 and B2 Barnoldswick town services . Working in association with Lancashire County Council, we’ve revised the route and timetable of these services, in order to improve reliability.

Changes are:

B1 now runs via Darnbrook Road to replace B2 which no longer serves this area of the town.

B1 & B2 now extend to/from Fosters Arms on Gisburn Road.

In Barnoldswick you can buy one ticket and change buses in the town centre onto our Mainline services to Earby, Skipton, Colne, Nelson and Burnley, and onto Lancashire United route 280 to Clitheroe, Preston and Skipton.

Re: Transport in Barnoldswick

Posted: 11 Feb 2012, 10:28
by Tardis
they didn't quite get the revision to go up Manchester Road then? It would have opened up Letcliff to more people.

Re: Transport in Barnoldswick

Posted: 11 Feb 2012, 22:29
by Whyperion
Demand and time to get around everywhere I guess , were they planning to do it? I dont think the town Service runs at weekends , could be useful if there was an increase in Dales Bus during Summer to run Colne - Barrowford - Blacko - Barnoldswick - Salterforth - Earby - Kelbrook - Foulridge -Colne. This could link the heritage bits of Colne , Barrowford , Bancroft Mill , Earby Mining Museum. Would doubt that it would be a commercial sucess though.

Re: Transport in Barnoldswick

Posted: 22 Jun 2013, 14:47
by Whyperion
Sunday Dalesbus 31st March 2013 to 20th October 2013 (Service 872 operated by Transdev Burnley and Pendle)

Grassington - Skipton - Colne - Burnley( Via Thornton In Craven and Barnoldswick ) , this year extended to Burnley with Guaranteed Connection on X43 to/from Manchester.

Dalesbus 872 Timetable Summer 2013

Re: Transport in Barnoldswick

Posted: 22 Jun 2013, 14:57
by Whyperion
Not noted on here was the change of operator to local town service B1/B2 from Transdev/Mainline to Barnoldswick Based B&J Travel earlier in the year. I have a few pictures I will post if I get time.

From Sunday , June 30th 2013 there are some changes to services in Burnley and Pendle Areas : ... ices/38536 The affected services , currently part of the Lancashire County Council revenue supported service network do not directly affect Barnoldswick ( the quarterly LCC Bus Services changes poster in the main town centre Bus Stops does not make this clear , stating that changes are in a leaflet avalible from travel and council offices ( Of Course I found this out on a Tuesday when the Barnoldswick Council Office is not open ).

General Bus Service Changes LCC for those travelling further afield on their summer days out : LCC Bus Service Changes PDF Leaflet June 2013 and the Pendle/Burnley Summary Open PDF for Burnley Pendle Area Bus Changes June 2013

A quick summary
Service 3 / Service 16(**) / Service 18(*) All Withdrawn.

Service 94 loses part of route to new route 93 and becomes Nelson - Brierfield circular via Chatburn Park and Mansfield Grove (M-S 0930-1530, Hourly)

Service 65 : Cut Back from Nelson and General Hospital , but takes part of former Service 3
Service 93 : New route covering part of former Service 16 and part of route of Service 94

"Green Line" Service 95 (Revised to in Colne South Valley Drive and Castle Drive area and extended in Burnley toward Rose Hill covering part of former Service 3 / With New Service 95A (Partly as current 95 then extended around Bunkers Hill in Colne) - routes split on timings so some areas on Service 65 see reduction in frequency.

(*) Colne - Broken Banks use demand responsive network vehicles instead of route.
(**) Colne-Lenches section no longer served by any bus services.

Service 7/7A/7B - No Changes

Service 180/280/X80 Have gone through some re-numbering with Preston - Clitheroe all numbered as 280 , Clitheroe - Skipton via Barnoldwick all 180 and Clitheroe-Skipton Direct X80 ( Route numbers change in Clitheroe, no change to through tickets arrangements and customers travelling across Clitheroe stay on the bus , I think this has been effective before 30th June )

The above summary by Service number was quite difficult to make up from the two Lancashire sources , but could have easily been put on the bus stop posters in the way I have done , there are minor routing changes and some timing / frequency changes which do need the new timetables to be read but those details would more be of interest to the specific travellers affected. A positive is Service 65 routing via Rossendale Road Industrial Estate and some Colne-Nelson-Burnley extended links.

Re: Transport in Barnoldswick

Posted: 11 Mar 2016, 11:34
by hnoor0044
I dont think the town Service runs at weekends , could be useful if there was an increase in Dales Bus during Summer to run Colne - Barrowford - Blacko - Barnoldswick - Salterforth - Earby - Kelbrook - Foulridge -Colne.

Re: Transport in Barnoldswick

Posted: 18 Mar 2016, 23:43
by Whyperion
With the demise of Pennine , there have been some changes, which I am not up to speed with. the B1/B2 passed from Transdev Burnley&Pendle to local coach operator B&J Travel, but that has now changed again to an operator from Accrington ? (anyone got a pic I didn't have camera with me when in town a couple of weeks ago - I bought some LED candle bulbs from a shop in the square 10% cheaper than I had seen them elsewhere !). The operator had a sheet up about using local services - LCC have been consulting about removing all local support from bus services and the payment to operators for concessionary fares re-imbursement does not really cover the full costs of running professional bus services. The service from Skipton is still too woeful Sundays and late evenings.

Re: Transport in Barnoldswick

Posted: 21 Apr 2017, 13:25
by Whyperion
Been a few changes since I last wrote.
Gist is the local service changed operator- now red and yellow buses (they run in Clitheroe too ) from a place Accrington way out, and I forget their name)
Transdev Lancashire ceased the X80/280 service from Clitheroe / Preston and it is now run by PrestonBus (Preston Corporation as was, Rotala now), who changed most journeys to the 280 via Barnoldswick to Skipton, leaving West Marton with reduced service.

Transdev Mainline (Burnley and Pendle) recast most of their Burnley network Sept last year, leaving Sabden without buses, and for Barnoldswick the M! service Skipton-Barnoldwick-Earby-Colne-Burnley and sometimes up to Padiham and other interesting places became a basically every half hour service, but still not useful early or late evenings. But the X43 service from Manchester To Nelson was also confusingly modified for most daytime services running via M65 motorway from Burnley to Colne then Barnoldswick - Skipton but again evenings it falls away. Route in Manchester also changes for some peak hour journeys to run faster. Does this X43 re-introduce a Ribble service from years gone by? The X43 runs on Sundays too, replacing the 8xx Dales service from previous years