I lost your Avatar - Sorry

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Re: I lost your Avatar - Sorry

Post by Sunray10 » 11 Feb 2012, 21:09

Hope you all like my new avatar. Its me aged 15. I look trouble don't I or a bit of a scamp - if that's the right word. Thanks Doc for all the hard work, just thought I'd have a change ! :goodidea:

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Re: I lost your Avatar - Sorry

Post by Travis » 12 Feb 2012, 00:44

I've sorted the avatar, just a bit busy at the moment. I promise to post a little more soon.

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Re: I lost your Avatar - Sorry

Post by Stanley » 12 Feb 2012, 02:29

I still think he was attention seeking.....
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Re: I lost your Avatar - Sorry

Post by EileenDavid » 12 Feb 2012, 08:51

Well done you. Thought I'd seen the last of my Avatar now my little cat is waving to me again.

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Re: I lost your Avatar - Sorry

Post by Moh » 12 Feb 2012, 13:48

Thank you Doc - looks more normal on site now!!
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