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Thomas Dean noted as an appraiser in the inventory of John Dugdell dated 1712.

Thomas Dean mentioned as an elector in Barnoldswick in a roll of 1741. Freeholder but no location.

Stephen Dean paid land tax ‘Brogden’ 10s/10d. [see Thomas Dean, 1756, transfer?] 1760 paid 8/- and in 1770 paid two demands for 6/- and 9/- no location.

Thomas Dean paid land tax of 4/4 in 1753. 1756, 8/8 and a further demand of £1-1-8. 1757/60 paid £1-1-8. 1770 paid 3/-.

Henry dean is recorded as paying land tax. 1757/60; 6s/8d, no location. 1770 paid 1/6 (no location), 5/- (no location) and 3/- for ‘Flatts’.

John Dean paid land tax. 1757/60; 8/8, no location. 1760; 4/- for ‘Clough’ and 6/6 no location.

Atkinson’s ‘Old Barlick’ pp.17ff. records that the Town Beck in Walmsgate was culverted with the proceeds of the sale of the village green on which the Commercial Inn and cottages were built. In this context he mentions Mr John Lamb and his daughter Alice who later married Benjamin Dean. This looks like the origin of the name Lamb Hill for the slope down into Walmsgate from Church Street.

Henry Dean noted as Farmer of Barnoldswick Park in electoral rolls for 1835/37. Elector of Salterforth in 1841 and Barlick in 1841/1845/1848, address given as East Parade, Colne. A Henry Dean was one of the promoters of the [failed] Craven Junction Railway Bill of 1866 and the successful Barnoldswick Railway Act of 1867. Indication that John Shutt was renting Barnoldswick Park in 1867.

John Dean noted as an elector of Barnoldswick in rolls of 1835/37/41. No address given.

William Dean noted as elector of Brogden Township in 1835, address given as Higher Clough. Same entry in 1937.

John Dean noted as an elector of Barnoldswick in 1841. No address given.

1851 census.
Henry Dean, 77, de laine manufacturer [wool], Providence House, Colne.

1851 census
Thomas Dean, Monks Fold, 34, farmer of 7 acres and carpenter. Benjamin, brother, 30, carpenter, journeyman. Ellen Dean, sister, 18, servant. Isabella, niece, 5, scholar.

1851 census
James Dean, 56, farmer of 33 acres at Lower Clough, Brogden. Same entry for 1857 in a directory.

1851 census
John Dean, 31 noted as Toll Bar keeper of Colne. Born Barnoldswick.

In an indenture relating to the purchase of part of Monk Cottage gardens [to build two cottages] Ann Dean and her trustees transfer the land to Henry Slater. This was after the Benefit Building Societies Act of 1836/37 and a mortgage was obtained from the District Permanent Benefit Society, a local building society. There is a further Indenture of mortgage dated 26/01/1864 and a release dated 15/04/1871. Ann Dean was described as ‘widow’ and Henry Slater as Grocer of Barnoldswick. The trustees of the Dean estate were John Crossley Fawcett, gent. of Greenfield, Halifax [former Baptist minister of Barnoldswick]. Rev. Thomas Bennett, Baptist Minister of Barnoldswick. John Heap, farmer, of Cuckley in Marton. The trustees existed because they were part of a pre-marriage settlement made between Ann Mitchell and Henry Dean (since deceased) on 23/06/1854. Presumably this would be on or very shortly before the date of the marriage.

A directory records Mrs Dean as living at Wapping Barlick.

Dean. Thomas and Benjamin noted as farmers in Barnoldswick.

Thomas Dean noted as an elector of Barnoldswick in 1859.

Census records Benjamin Dean as aged 50 years, living in Barlick village and occupation is auctioneer and farmer of 14 acres.

1871 census
John Dean, 61, milk seller, Wapping.

During the chronology of the Craven Bank in Barnoldswick it is noted that it first opened as a branch of the Craven Banking Company in the front parlour of Benjamin Dean’s house and then moved to the shop next door.

Barrett directory for 1887 records Benjamin Dean as auctioneer of Lamb Hill in Barlick. Same entry for Barrett 1896. In the 1890 Local Board Election he has the same address and occupation. Described as gentleman and age given as 69. Looks as though Benjamin was the son of Henry Dean.

Barrett records Mrs Margaret Dean as baker at 10 Walmsgate.

Barrett notes William Dean as grocer and draper at 19 Church Street.

Barrett Directory records Mrs Alice Dean as living on Lamb Hill.

Barrett records Mrs Margaret Dean as confectioner at 10 Walmsgate, Barnoldswick.

The Misses E & L Dean are recorded in Barrett’s directory as Drapers at 19 Church Street, Barlick.

H Dean was a photographer at 19 Church Street, Barnoldswick. Address was on the back of a picture of Grace Greenwood.

Arthur Dean was a railway porter at Earby railway station and he once told Bob King that old Charlie Shuttleworth used to walk to the station on a rainy day with brown paper tied round his trouser legs with string and he used to give Arthur a penny to dry the paper and string ready for his return from Manchester.

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