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Re: Gardening

Post by Wendyf » 19 Mar 2017, 08:30

This year I am going to have a serious attempt at growing says on the packet that it's easy to grow but I have failed on two occasions. Yesterday i sowed some of the tiny seeds (so small you just sprinkle them on the surface of the compost) and put the tray in a propagator on the bedroom windowsill. They need a temperature between 20C & 25C to germinate, so fingers crossed. I've made an earlier than usual start with aubergine seeds as well, I normally get nice plants but they fruit too late in the season to grow into anything worth eating.
When it gets fit to venture out again I'll plant some broad beans and a few onion sets in the poly tunnel, it's too early in the season to do much in there.

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Re: Gardening

Post by Sue » 19 Mar 2017, 18:43

Had a lovely day in Coventry with the grandchildren and family of course. Had a beautiful drive across Derbyshire rather than the motorway. The rain hit at Buxton!

They reminded me to plant my veggie seeds they bought me for my birthday
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