School Dinners - Good and Bad Memories ?

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Re: School Dinners - Good and Bad Memories ?

Post by Big Kev » 09 Nov 2014, 11:51

Cathy wrote:She had six pieces of Liqourice Allsorts recently (after a few years of not having any) and she started shaking and feeling sick.
Could also have been a sugar rush, there's a lot of sugar in Liqourice Allsorts :grin:
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Re: School Dinners - Good and Bad Memories ?

Post by Moh » 09 Nov 2014, 13:55

Back to the topic - our teachers used to walk round the dining room making sure none of us were holding our knives like a pen.
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Re: School Dinners - Good and Bad Memories ?

Post by Stanley » 10 Nov 2014, 05:26

I'd forgotten that Moh but yes, ours did the same. In those days there was no kitchen and the dinners came in big aluminium hot boxes by van from a central kitchen run by the council. I remember them being stacked in the large hearth in front of the big coke fire to keep them as warm as possible. We ate them in front of the fire at Hope Memorial in the 1940s.

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