Eastwoods of Barnoldswick

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Eastwoods of Barnoldswick

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I am the daughter of Gerald Holmes Eastwood, s.o. Holmes Eastwood, s.o. Gilbert Eastwood, etc. I have been trying to trace how far back this side of the family tree goes in Barnoldswick. So far I have got as far as a Robert Eastwood born about 1760 who I believe was married to an Isabala. My family lived at 13 Essex Street from 1964 to 1973, them my son lived at the bottom of Rainhall Road on Clayton Street for a few years. I would love to flesh out this skeleton. Gilberts' wife - Robina Jean was known as little grandma and I have fond memories of day trips taking her to the seaside.
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Re: Eastwoods of Barnoldswick

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Welcome to One Guy, it looks like you have done well with your research to get so far back. :smile: My mother's family were Eastwoods, but from the Bradford area not Barlick.
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Re: Eastwoods of Barnoldswick

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I'm sure you've seen this elsewhere on the site but just in case......


The name Eastwood is common in Barlick. Apart from family names there is an Eastwood Farm above Eastwood bottoms and there used to be an accommodation bridge over the L&L canal called Eastwood Bridge (Now demolished). All these locations are, unsurprisingly, on the East side of Barlick. There is a lot of hard evidence that in the 14th and 15th centuries Barlick was the prime source of large timbers for construction in an area covering about 20 miles radius. In the Bolton Priory Compotus and other sources there are numerous references to the purchase of large baulks for heavy construction, their carriage and prices and even the name of a man, John le Tournier (John the Turner) who supplied timber and wagons to the Priory. Baulks from Barlick were used to repair mills at Colne and Clitheroe. We have no records of where the woods were, hence my interst in the place and family name of Eastwood. Here are the entries in my index:

Eastwood Bottoms.
The land running down from Long Ing to Crow Nest, low lying, has one surface drain and is the route of the underground Bowker Drain. In 1858 some land belonged to A B Royds, a Rochdale landowner but there is evidence that the Gledstone Estate had control of the major part of the Eastwood Bottoms.
1835 onwards
Thomas Eastwood recorded as elector of Coates in 1835, 1841, 1848 and 1859.
Electoral Roll of 1844 records Thomas Eastwood as occupier of land and buildings at Coates Farm (owned by Thomas and William Bracewell).
1851 census
Robert Eastwood, Union Street, Colne. 36 years. Hand loom weaver wool. Born Salterforth.
1851 census
Robert Eastwood, carter, Ball Grove Mill Colne. Born Barnoldswick. Aged 38.
1851 census
Robert Eastwood, Wapping, 35, greengrocer. Hannah wife 36. June 10. Sarah 9. John Thomas 4. James 9 months.
1851 census
Thomas Eastwood, 58, Coates, farmer of 35 acres. Elizabeth wife 53. Mary Ormerod niece 24, hand loom weaver, wool. (Remember that 'niece' could be a euphemism for an illegitimate child)
Electoral roll records Thomas Eastwood as elector of Coates.
Textile Mercury report of 15/04/1886. John Eastwood, mill manager is reported as a subscriber to the new Long Ing Shed Company having one £500 share out of a total share capital of £20,000. (Note that the full price of the share was not necessarily paid on entry but was subject to calls up to the value as construction proceeded.)
Eastwood and Maudsley are reported as cotton manufacturers in Long Ing Shed. This will be John Eastwood. In 1891 they moved to Butts Mill. (In UDBk, PCRO 29 this move is noted in 1893) The engine start at Long Ing was reported in the cotton Factory Times of 03/06/1887. 1200 looms, first tenants were Nutter and Edmondson, Eastwood and Maudsley and Edmondson Ormerod.
Barrett Directory reports John Eastwood as 'clerk' of 33 Prospect Terrace. In Barrett 1886 he is noted as secretary of the Butts Mill Co and later formed his own firm, John Eastwood and Company.
Butts Mill (1846) let to Eastwood and Bradley, cotton manufacturers, by the executors of Bracewell and Sons (in administration). In 1891 Eastwood and Maudsley moved from Long Ing Shed to Butts. In 1898 George Eastwood is quoted as chairman of the Butts Mill Company in BUDC papers. In December 1899 Thomas Hodgkinson takes over the company, he was Eastwood's manager and secretary.
Craven Herald 18/10/1889 reports that John Eastwood and Co have bought the 443 looms and preparation machinery in Butts Mill to run them there. On 29/11/1889 a report that 300 of the looms were running.
CHSC minute books report that John Eastwood was asked if he would sell the tackle belonging to the weir on Calf Hall Beck. CHSC were building the new shed at Calf Hall at this point. He also sold CHSC an iron ladder.
Fred Eastwood mentioned in a report in the Craven Herald of 18/04/1890. Butts Mill Shed Company was registered on March 3rd 1890 with capital of £10,000 in £1 shares. Subscribers were J Eastwood of Burnley with his wife, W H Maudsley (manufacturer) and his wife, Fred Eastwood, warehouseman,W Bradley (manufacturer) and his wife. All with one share each.
Craven Herald 24/01/1890 reports that J Eastwood and Co have bought Butts Mill from the Craven Bank for £6,000. On February 14th the CH reported that J Eastwood and Co were selling an engine and converting the mill from spinning to weaving.
Barlick Local Board rate books record Eastwood and Maudsley as paying 6 month rate of £187-10-0 at Long Ing Shed for 400 looms. (The total rate was £750 Poor Rate and £750 for the buildings) The rate book for 27th September 1892 reports that Eastwood and Maudsley had moved to Butts Mill, Robinson Brooks has taken their space. Same rate books record them paying £188 rates at Butts Mill.
BUDC rate book for 26th March 1894 reports Eastwood and Maudsley paying £188 rates at Butts Mill.
Barrett's Directory reports Greenwood Eastwood as being an engine tenter and residing at Butts Cottage. This was a tied cottage associated with Butts mill, John Eastwood was secretary of the Butts Mill Company and so Greenwood was almost certainly a relation and in charge of the engine at Butts Mill.
Eastwood and Wilkinson are recorded in the CHSC minute books of 08/12/1897 as proprietors of the laundry operating in the Old Joiner's Shop at Wellhouse Mill.
CHSC minute books record that Thomas Eastwood was qualified to act as a director. (This means he had enough shares to qualify)
Atkinson, in Old Barlick refers to Robert Eastwood in connection with the first wagonette in Barlick. Says he was known as Bob Burrass. (see 1851 census)
Barrett directory records William Eastwood as agent for the Refuge Ins Co at 9 Earl Street Barlick.
Negotiations between Calf Hall Shed Co and Roundell Estate (Gledstone) over water rights in Eastwood Bottoms.
Barrett directory reports a Thomas Eastwood as taper of 4 Sussex Street.
Report in the Calf Hall Shed Company minute books of a Mr Eastwood renting a stable at Butts Mill. (CHSC had bought Butts Mill by this time.)
Evidence in the Craven Herald 05/06/1931 of grass track motorcycle racing held on Eastwood Bottoms by the Barnoldswick Football Club.
Craven Herald 22/05/1932 reports the death of James Bridge (90) a joiner. The son of William Bridge he was born in the Thorneybank district of Burnley in 1842. At the age of 45, in 1887, he came to Barlick to assist his brother in law, the Late John Eastwood, who at that time had taken over Butts Mill and was converting it to a weaving shed.
LTP 78/AA/01, page 7. Jim Pollard mentions Lois Eastwood having a small grocer's shop at 40 Red Lion Street Earby.

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