Driving Licence Application

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Re: Driving Licence Application

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Been back to driving now for about a month. I have to say that I have not found many problems with more than a nine month lay off. The I30 automatic is a joy to drive, the tendency to use my left foot and hence tense it up for a non existent clutch has resolved itself nicely. If anything with the automatic gearbox, reversing uphill is the hardest as you get no creep at idle like you do if on the flat. I have to be very careful on the accelerator, apart from that no real problems. The car has anti-lock, skid and assisted braking so you don't need to exert a lot of pressure to slow down or stop fast if you have to. I did all the driving on our recent North Wales holiday and virtually all since which is more or less back to our normal usage of the car Another reasonable run this week up to Robin Hoods bay on our camping trip. I have just received the renewal for the insurance and the price is less than we paid last year so we will probably stay with the same insurer. I have informed them that I am now back to being the main driver on the policy.
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Re: Driving Licence Application

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Good. That all sounds positive.... So forget about it now and just enjoy freedom.
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