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Les Misérables

Posted: 19 Jan 2013, 17:05
by PanBiker
Went to see the new film version of Les Mis last night at the Gala Theatre and Cinema in Durham. Small auditorium, large screen and very good audio. Hugh Jackman was outstanding as one of the leading men Jan Valjean as was in my opinion Russell Crowe as the police inspector Javert. For anyone not "in the know" the entire dialogue apart from the odd word is sung and not spoken, all the actors who you would not generally regard as vocalists were excellent in their renditions. The film is shot with lots of close ups of the main protagonists which adds to the drama of the tale of redemption and values. The special effects of the prisoners toiling in the galleys and the recreation of the 1832 June Rebellion in Paris is breathtaking thanks to modern CGI. Lots of other effects to awe over including the Paris sewers when Jan Valjean saves the life of Marius from the wreckage of the barricades.

All in all a fantastic film in my view, well worth a visit for the sheer scale of the production.

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Re: Les Misérables

Posted: 05 Sep 2015, 20:07
by KittyCathy
I love Les Mis - the musical, the movies, the book... Masterpieces. And the new movie with Hugh Jackman... Oh, I love Hugh Jackman.

Re: Les Misérables

Posted: 12 Aug 2016, 09:22
by jonesalice34
But the book is the worst, it was a torture to finish it