Harrison Memorial Poem

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Harrison Memorial Poem

Post by Stanley » 20 Jan 2013, 06:00




For forty-five years I look back on the time
When my uncle was healthy, and in his full prime.
The Spirit had called, and George had obeyed,
And a happy partaker of grace he was made.

Having tasted the word, found acceptance with God
Through the Son of His love, and in the shed blood,
He rejoiced in his freedom, and began to declare
Christ’s love to lost sinners, and how mighty to save.

George enlists as a soldier, and enters the field
Christ’s battles to fight, the sword for to wield;
Yes, he gets on the armour, and faces the foe –
By the Sword of the Spirit at his feet he lays low.

His loins girt with Truth, and his feet so well shod,
He boldly declares the whole council of God;
The Word is applied by the Spirit with power,
To the hearts of the people: I remember the hour.

This text he announced – I shall never forget
Let us stand together – ‘tis in Holy Writ.
So urgent he was the truth to declare,
Sweat poured from his temples: God honoured him there.

Yet the world he’d to face and work for his bread,
Oft tempted and tried, on this promise he fed –
My Spirit shall guide thee in life’s rugged way;
I will never forsake thee – full wages I’ll pay.

George exercised Faith, and with courage so bold,
The promised percentage of one hundred fold,
Lord take me and keep me that at last I may come
And lay claim to my mansion, and sit on thy throne.

Now this Christian warrior he fought to the end,
And Christ on the course all his steps did attend;
Now he lays him aside, and he gives him a view,
There’s a light in the valley, my uncle saw through.

He is now in the valley, and makes there a stand;
The visions he saw they were awfully grand.
There is power in the blood, the valley is clear;
I conquer through Jesus, my crown I shall wear.

To the land of Beulah just now he is come,
He lists to the music – so near to his home;
So near is God’s presence his faith has such spring;
O grave – I’m thy victor! O death where’s thy sting?

Why – the news has reached heaven, George \Harrison’s come,
The Angels stand round to welcome him home,
Throw open the gates, the trumpeters wait,
And he now takes possession of his freehold estate.

I have left you dear children, still toiling below,
Be faithful in warfare, face bravely the foe.
And meet your dear father and mother above,
There swell the loud chorus of conquering love

The day before we parted
When the corpse was laid aside,
We thought about the bridegroom
There meeting with the bride.
We sung those words so sweetly,
Pure motive in the strain,
The words we oft repeated,
When shall we meet again.
I hope dear cousins you’ll forgive
This poor and rambling rhyme;
Accept this token of regard
If it has come in time.
We may not meet on earth again,
By partings to be riven.
But we shall sing more sweetly
When we are housed in Heaven

Stanley Challenger Graham
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