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Posted: 13 Aug 2013, 13:49
by Thomo
Having been asked to launch this as a separate topic, I am happy to oblige, and will do the best I can to get it right. It involves the re-dedication of the Barnoldswick War Memorial in wake of the addition of 46 missing names, 34 from WW1 and 12 from WW2. If anyone feels that they may be descendants or relatives of the Service Personnel named, or have any connection with them, they will be most welcome to attend this event. Anyone who wishes further information can post their requests here, and I will endeavour to oblige. I will deal with WW1 first as the information is complete. First are the Men who were born in Barnoldswick and resident here at the time of their deaths. Pte Joseph Clayton, No. 17397, DOWs Reg, Pte William Dowd, No. 11284, DOWs Reg, Pte Charles Fearn, No. 7088 NF, Pte Arthur Green, No. 333429 HLI, Pte George Miller, No. 266811 DOWs Reg, Pte Edmondson Pickles, No. 93697 NF, Pte Edmund Taylor, No. 85413 DLI, Gnr Herbert Ewart Whipp, No. 127343 RGA, L/Cpl Joseph Blezzard, No.S/13253 SH. Next come the men who were born in Barnoldswick but resident elsewhere at time of death. NELSON Lancs, Pte Albert Abbott, No. 38223 SLI, and his Brother, Pte Broughton Abbott, No.2397, LF, Pte Sutcliffe Walker, No.14267 KORLR. NORDEN Lancs. Pte Arthur Bell, No.267987 CR. EARBY, Pte George Cousins, No.266262 DOWs Reg. BURNLEY Lancs, Pte Bertie Dodgeon, No. S/11071 SH, Pte Richard Mercer, No.24/995 NF, Pte Mark Pickles, No.14265 ELR. WHITTINGTON Derbyshire, Pte John Fay, No.1706 ELR. HEXTHORPE Lincs, Pte George Phomfras Franks, No 44528 Lincs Reg. The remainder are men who were born elsewhere but resident in Barnoldswick at time of death. SKIPTON Yorks, Pte George Alfred Bailey, No. 5362 DOW Reg. CONNONLEY Yorks, Gnr Peter Barrett, No 88959 RGA. BACUP Lancs, Sgt James Hartley Crowther, No.12852 ELR. BLACKBURN Lancs, Pte Richard Duerden, No.4498 ELR, Pte William Greenhalgh, No. 666715 LC. BURNLEY Lancs, Sgt George Abraham Golding, No.266285 DOW Reg. NELSON Lancs, Pte James Hargreaves, No.327880 LC. ADDINGHAM Yorks, Pte Wilfred Holmes, No.10990 DOW Reg. BRACEWELL Yorks, Pte George Lawson, No.19651 DOW Reg. LANCSTER, L/Cpl John Robert Nicholson, No. 46470 NF. ACCRINGTON Lancs, Pte Thomas Pilkington, No. 24067 DOW Reg. BENTHAM, Pte Edward Shaw, No.11036 ELR. SALTERFORTH Yorks, Sgt John Wilson, No.265498 DOW Reg. YORK, Cpl Alfred Ernest 4233 DOW Reg. GREAT HARWOOD Lancs, Pte James Wilson, No. 12989 ELR.

Full research for WW2 has not yet been carried out, but all have a local connection the names are:- ACM/1 Albert Ball RAFVR, Sgt Ernest Bainbridge RAFVR, D/Man Louvaine Brooks MN, Pte John Craig NZI, ACM/1 Joseph Hargreaves RAFVR, Pilot/ Sgt Dennis Lyddon Harris RAF, L/Sgt James O'Neill Tank Reg, Winston Nutter NFS, Pte Henry Robinson Yorks & Lancs Reg, Pte Alice Seymour ATS, L/Bdr Clifford Smith RA and Sgt Norman Allan Smith RAF.


Posted: 15 Aug 2013, 11:50
by Thomo
I had a call last night from a Barlick Lady who is a descendant of one of the Men who died in the Rohilla tragedy, Arthur Petty would have been her Great Uncle. She asked "is it OK if we come to the ceremony and bring a few flowers?" she also has a friend who is a descendant of one of the three survivors, Robert William Eastwood. I have assured them that they will be most welcome.


Posted: 06 Jun 2017, 15:42
by jovaughan
I know this is an old post so I'm hoping that it still gets seen. I may well post it in the general forum too as a new topic.

I don't know whether you are still looking for information on Joseph Hargreaves who was re-commemorated on the war memorial but I have been researching my Barlick ancestors - mostly Bradleys and Vaughans - and I believe him to be the husband of my great grandmother's cousin - Elsie Bradley. The info I found on this post and elsewhere on the site has helped me hugely - so thanks for that!

I have the death certificate of Joseph and his date of death certainly matches the one that you have too - 6 May 1942. He died of TB in the sanatorium at Middleton near Ilkley. He was born on 24 December 1902 in Blackburn and married Elsie in 1924. They were both cotton weavers. They lived first at 6 Colne Road Back and moved to 7 Sackville Street in 1939. The family stayed at Sackville Street until 1961. They had two sons - Derek, born in 1938, and Gordon, born in 1939. Sadly, I haven't yet been able to trace Joseph's military record.

Joseph's parents were from Blackburn and his family had lived at 5 Ferguson St in Blackburn before moving to Tubber Hill Cottages in Barnoldswick when Joseph was a young lad. His parents were weavers and he had two brothers - Harry, who in 1939 lived in Chapel St and was employed as a steward at the Conservative Club, and Arthur, who was a power loom overlooker, and lived with his wife Nellie at 13 Sackville St.

I really hopes this helps and if you need any more information on him, I would really happy to help. Hopefully this will jog a few memories and may bring in more information.

My great grandmother was Martha Ann Bradley (born in 1879). She was married to George Stephen Vaughan and they ran the bakery on Rainhall Road. Both Martha Ann and Elsie were second cousins to the Bradley Bros who ran the looms in Bankfield. My dad is Edward Vaughan, born in 1943 and lived on Park Avenue - if anyone remembers him. My mum is Brenda Goode, who lived on Coates Ave.


Posted: 06 Jun 2017, 18:44
by PanBiker
Thanks for your post Jo always useful to get more information. I was involved with researching the missing lads from WWII, my friend Peter, (Thomo on the site) did all the groundwork for all the additions from WWI and more, all now included in his book on the subject, (Barnoldswick a Small Town's Part in Conflicts 1800 to 2014), you may have seen this. There is a thread on here regarding it's development. I have alerted him to your post.


Posted: 07 Jun 2017, 02:36
by Stanley
We read all the posts Jo! Thanks for the update.