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I couldn't find this index on the site search so I've posted it again and corrected 'Holt' to 'Hodge'.


Baines’ directory for 1822 and 1823 lists James Sagar as being a blacksmith in Barnoldswick.

Census notes Oates Sagar, 30, farmer, at Higher Greenhill Farm, Salterforth. Wife Ann, 30. William, 8. Samuel, 6. John, 4. Henry, 1 year.

Richard Hartley Sagar mentioned in an electoral roll as having a share in Brogden Farm Barnoldswick. Address given as Kirkstall, Leeds. Same entry in 1837 and 1841.

Oates Sagar noted as being an elector of Salterforth in 1848. Address given as Higher Greenhill.

Census records Oates Sagar being at Higher Greenhill Farm, 40 years, farmer of 62 acres born Foulridge. Ann, wife, 40 born Thornton. William, 18. Samuel 16. John, 14. Henry 11. Robinson, 7. Mary Ann, 6. Ellen, 2. All born Salterforth.

Census records Richard Sagar, 41 years, of Bank House, Bradley, Great Marsden as cotton spinner and manufacturer. Same census reports Richard Sagar, 48 years, of Heyroyd, Colne as cotton spinner employing 63 hands. Again, Stephen Sagar, 22 years, Cotton manufacturer of Hollin Field, Trawden. Born Catlow, Marsden.

Barrett directory notes Henry Sagar as quarry owner at Wilk’s Delph, Foulridge in 1979. Same entry in Slater’s directory for 1869, 1871 and 1879.

Barrett directory notes Mrs Sarah Sagar as being a china and earthenware dealer at 6 Church Street Barnoldswick.

Local Board election notes William Sagar as quarry owner of Bancrofts.

In the yard below King Street there are two date stones inserted in the wall, they were saved during the demolition of the buildings that used to be there. One reads ‘Ivory Hall. 1899.’ The other ‘Sagar’s Chambers. 1896.’

Barrett directory notes William Sagar as stone merchant of Tubber Hill Quarries. House, Granville terrace.

LTP. 78/ABB/01. Billy Brooks describes Bill Sagar as being an old man in 1899 and as ‘him who built the houses’ in Albert Road. He also said that Billy Sagar built both the Ivory Hall and Sagar’s Chambers in Brook Street. They were demolished in 1982.

Undated reference.
Edgar Sagar was the son of John Sagar of Bleak House on Hodge Lane. He lived at Eastcliffe on Tubber Hill which was built for him by John Sagar.

Undated reference.
From Annals of Barrowford by Jess Blakey. Mentions ‘Sagars’ as having built Throstle Nest Mill in Nelson and having bought the malt kiln (later a confectionery works known as the Spice Shop) on the left hand side of the road above Higherford Bridge facing up the hill.

Barrett dir. Notes John Sagar as farming Higher Park Farm, Barnoldswick.

Barrett directory notes William Sagar as builder and stone merchant at 1 Park Road, Barnoldswick.

John Sagar started business as a cotton manufacturer in the newly built Bankfield No. 2 shed. Applied for space at Wellhouse in 1913. I think it was the same John Sagar noted in Barrett 1902 directory as contractor, quarry owner and stone sawing mill at Salterforth. Billy Brooks said that John started the business at Bankfield but his son Sidney actually managed it. He also said that the quarry business ended when there was a claim against them for silicosis, they weren’t insured and so they couldn’t pay and the quarries closed. Sidney Sagar lived on Park Road.

LTP. 78/AK/03. Emma Clark talks about living on Ribblesdale Terrace on Gisburn Road after 1900. The family in the house next door was the Sagars and Frank, the son, died in WW1. They had three sons in the army and Frank was the middle one.

LTP. 78/AB/01. Billy Brooks mentions Bill Sagar as an old worthy of Barlick. He also says that Bill was the builder of Albert Road cottages along with Joe Standing and Proctor Barrett.

LTP. 79/AO/02. Jack Platt recalls John Sagar (quarry owner) as having two canal boats, called Ida and Alice after his daughters. They were used to carry stone setts to Burnley. The boatmen, were Hartley Barrett and Oates Barrett and lived at Foulridge. Oats’ son Walton Barrett was still in the haulage trade in 1979. On the same tape he gives a lot of information about Sagar’s quarries and the men and horses. On 79/AO/01 he tells about stealing the detonators from the quarry and blowing half his hand off. In 1921 he went to work at Loose Games for Sagar.

c. 1920/30
LTP. 82/HD/03. Harold Duxbury talks about the ownership and working of quarries on Tubber hill and Salterforth Drag. He says it was high quality stone with no bed and that the Sagar family leased Loose Games and Salterforth quarries off the Roundell estate at Gledstone. Park Close Quarry on Salterforth Drag was not Roundells. It was included in the Bracewell Sale of 1887. Whitham and a partner took this quarry but the partner failed. Whitham sold his pork butcher‘s shop on Church Street and worked the quarry. He lived on Salterforth Drag

CH 09/08/1929. Report in a BUDC meeting that John Sagar and son had applied for permission to use the as yet unfinished New Road to cart tramway lines at present laid at Higher Park Farm (Part of the system used to bring stone from Salterforth Quarry down to Park Bridge Wharf on the canal) to Earby Station. It looks as though this was the end of the tramway and canal transport.

Fred Inman told me a story about Salterforth Quarry and John Sagar. A cousin of his father (Parkinson Inman) worked there and he told his dad about John Sagar accusing him of using his bull terrier as a watchdog at the quarry to warn him when John was coming round. He said that either the dog stayed at home or they could both stay there. The cousin refused so John sacked him. John was right, the dog used to whimper when JS was coming.

C. 1930/1940
In 2002, Shirley Oldfield, (nee Alderson) told me that she used to live at Tubber Hall with her father, Thomas Alderson, until1947 when he died. They kept pigs and Shirley said that Tubber Hall was originally a squatter’s house. It was owned (leased from Gledstone?) by the Sagars, she talked about the Sagar sisters and said one was an opera singer (Alice?). Ida used to collect the rent.

James Sagar. Information from Jim Bailey, June 2003. Jim’s mother, Margaret Reeve married James Marginson Bailey and they lived in a cottage (now demolished) on the inside (East) of the sharp corner at the junction of Burdock Hill and Salterforth Drag. Margaret’s brother Jim Reeve was a stonemason at Sagar’s Quarry and had a relation called Jack Sagar who was James Rushton’s second in command in the Barnoldswick Communist Party. (James Rushton, the firewood king, lived at Lane Bottoms and had a shed at the entrance to the Bottoms off Tubber Hill) After the troubles in 1932 (over More Looms) Jack was blacklisted in the mills and started working as a gardener. He eventually got a job as a paint sprayer at Bristol Tractors at Sough Bridge Mill in 1945.

CH. 12/06/1931. Report of the wedding of Harry Manock of Hazel Bank, Brogden Lane who is noted as a director of Edmondsons, Fernbank. Reception was at Sagar’s Café.

LTP. 78/AC/14. Page 1. Ernie Roberts talks about going to buy a house off Sagars. He said they built the house on the right below Loose Games Quarry. (Eastcliffe?) He also said they employed hundreds of workers. He talked about the Sagar sisters, Ida and Rose(?) I think Rose(?) was an actress or singer. (was this Alice?)


welling: Village
Census Place: Barnoldswick, York, England
Source: FHL Film 1342027 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4304 Folio 50 Page 29
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Hugh SAGAR M 57 M Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Cotton Factory Operative
Sarah SAGAR M 55 F Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rel: Wife
Occ: Winder Cotton
John SAGAR U 31 M Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Cotton Factory Operative
George SAGAR U 19 M Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Cotton Factory Operative
Elizabeth SAGAR U 17 F Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rel: Daur
Occ: Cotton Factory Operative
Sarah SAGAR U 14 F Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rel: Daur
Occ: Cotton Factory Operative
Jane A. WOOD M 22 F Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rel: Daur
Occ: Cotton Factory Operative
Sarah WOOD U 1 F Skipton, York, England
Rel: Gr Daur
Elizabeth A. WOOD U 1 d F Barnoldswick, York, England
Rel: Gr Daur
Thomas SMITH M 58 M Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rel: Ldr
Occ: Cotton Warper
Margret WILSON U 24 F Hull, York, England
Rel: Ldr
Occ: Cotton Throstle Spinner


Dwelling: Dotcliffe
Census Place: Thornton In Craven, York, England
Source: FHL Film 1342027 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4305 Folio 13 Page 20
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Thomas SAGAR M 32 M Lowerhouses, Lancashire, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Cotton Sizer
Elizabeth SAGAR M 26 F Warcup, Westmorland, England
Rel: Wife
Occ: Cotton Sizer Wife
William Thomas SAGAR 7 M Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Walter SAGAR 6 M Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Edwin SAGAR 5 M Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Clara SAGAR 2 F Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rel: Daur
Albert SAGAR 1 M Burnley, Lancashire, England
Rel: Son

(these entries are under ‘Sugar’)

John, 24. Jane, 28. Mary, 4. Annie (Annice?), 3.

1891 CENSUS. SG version.

8 Church Street, Barnoldswick. Hugh Sagar, 66. Sarah, 64.

Spen, Salterforth. John, 34. Jane, 38. Mary, 14. Annie (Annice?), 13. Henry, 12. Edgar, 9. Alice, 7. Elizabeth J, 5. Francis E, 2 years.

Garden Street, Barnoldswick. George, 28. Emma, 28. Lavinia, 7. Annie, 4. James, 1 year.

Bancrofts Cottages, Barnoldswick. William, 37. Jane Elizabeth, 37. Elizabeth Alice, 15. Annie, 13. Sarah, 11. Jane Helen, 7. Minnie, 4. Louisa Mary, 1 year.

Earlham Terrace, Earby. James, 51. Jane, 47. Mary, 26. Susan, 23. Emma, 20. Betsy, 4.

Dotcliffe Road, Kelbrook. Thomas, 42. Elizabeth, 35. William Thomas, 17. Edwin, 16. Walter, 16. Clara, 12. Charlie, 9. Louisa, 8. Lucilla, 6.

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