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The Reverend Winnard in HBC (his History of the Baptist Church) in Barnoldswick says that in 1500 there were at least six dissenting families in Barlick. He does not specify any source for this statement but names them as Mitchell, Higgins, Edmondson, Hargreaves, Barrett and Greenwood. The first reference to the Baptist church as an organised society is 1661 but Winnard says there was a congregation active in 1500 that did not practice religion according to Roman Catholic rites but to their own ordinances.

William Edmondson of Barnoldswick married Catherine Varley of Barnoldswick in 1593.

William Edmondson of Barnoldswick married Elizabeth Rushton of Colne, widow, in Barnoldswick in 1608.

Edmondson. Bartholomew. Mentioned in an indenture of 1619 which appears to be the conveyance of lands in Barnoldswick to John Parker of Netherwood and Thomas Barcroft of Ightenhill from John Halstead of Worsthorne. (This may be a mortgage to raise money for his daughter’s dowry) No sum of money mentioned. Lands, all of Barnoldswick, Coates are described as follows: Messuage tenanted by Thomas Waite. Ditto William Hudson. Ditto Thomas Hudson. Ditto Bartholomew Edmondson. Cottage in the tenure of Elizabeth Birtwistle and all other lands and appurtenances in Coates belonging to John Halstead.

Winnard in HBC says that the Baptist church in Barlick must have been organised by 1661 because in this year ‘certain property consisting of a messuage, barn, croft, and garden’ which had been held in trust by three members of the church named as Christopher Edmondson, Henry Higgins and Matthew Watson was conveyed to John Taylor, another member. In 1694 John Taylor conveyed it to David Crosley and in 1705 Crosley conveyed it to members of the society in trust along with a new meeting house for the use of the Baptists in Barlick. In 1916 this property was still intact and owned by the Bethesda Baptist church.

Edmondson. Christopher and Thomas. Mentioned as appraisers in an inventory of the goods of Robert Ellis of Barnoldswick, 19/08/1671.

Winnard. HBC Page 37. The Toleration Act was passed in 1689 and in January the same year at the Wetherby Sessions ‘The barn of Christopher Edmondson in Barnoldswick’ was registered for worship under the names of John Dickonson, Martin Dickonson, John Wright, John Dugdale and John Barrett. The same applicants obtained at the same time an order for ‘The barn of Thomas Cockshott in Kildwick’. The barn mentioned in the Barnoldswick application couldn’t have been the one in Walmsgate because that was in the ownership of John Taylor from 1661 to 1695. The barn mentioned was probably in a more secluded spot chosen in 1661 to avoid detection.

Edmondson. Christopher and Thomas are mentioned as appraisers in the inventory of Jonathan Booth’s effects of Barnsay Farm

William Edmondson mentioned as an elector and freeholder of Barnoldswick in the electoral roll of 1741.

Joseph Edmondson mentioned as an elector of Barlick in a roll of 1741.

William Edmondson paid land tax in 1753 of ½. In 1756/57/60 he paid 2/4. In 1770 he paid 1/9.

From BLWT (Barnoldswick Land and window tax). Edmondson. Christopher. Land Tax. 1753 £1-5-4. 1756/57/60, £2-10-8. No holding specified. In the same year David Edmondson paid Land tax of 6/11 and Henry Edmondson paid 2/5 and in 1756, 4/10.

William Edmondson paid land tax in 1753 of 1/-, in 1756 and 1757 he paid 2/-. The holding is described as ‘Walbank’.

Joseph Edmondson paid land tax in 1753 of 5/6. 1756, 11/0. 1757, 11/-. 1760, 11/-. No address given.

Thomas Edmondson paid LT in 1753 of 5/6. In 1756/57/60 he paid 11/-. In 1770, 8/3. In 1770, 18/10 ½ also 8/3. These entries are confusing and no address was given.

Richard Edmondson paid land tax in 1753 of 2/6. In 1756/57/60 he paid LT of 13/10. No address given for these assessments. In 1770 he paid 8/- LT for property described as ‘Well’.

Richard Edmondson is described as ‘Cotton Spinner’ in an indenture of 1806.

William Edmondson mentioned as commission agent of Salterforth in Baines Directory for 1822.

Baines directories for 1822 and 1823 mentions Christopher Edmondson as gardener of Barnoldswick. 1822 Baines notes James Edmondson as grocer of Barlick. Also Robert Edmondson as grocer.

Pigot’s directory for 1834 records James Edmondson as being a shopkeeper in Barnoldswick. In the same directory John Edmondson is noted as being a blacksmith in Barnoldswick. Robert Edmondson is described as ‘grocer and draper.

John Edmondson mentioned as an elector of Coates Ward. Address given as Gill Hall. 1837 elector of Barnoldswick. 1837 ditto of Coates, Gill Hall. In 1841 ditto of Barnoldswick address given as Salterforth. 1841, ditto of Coates, Gill Hall. 1848, ditto of Barnoldswick, address Salterforth. 1859 ditto of Barnoldswick. [More than one John?] Robert Edmondson is described as an elector of Barnoldswick in 1835/37/41 and 1848.

Henry William Edmondson noted as elector of Coates Ward in 1837. Address given as Gill.

William Edmondson of Barnoldswick noted as an elector on the rolls for these two years.

1841 census
Thomas Edmondson, Lidgett Flatt, Brogden, 69, farmer of 24 acres.

Thomas Edmondson described as owner and occupier of Lidgett Flatt Farm in an electoral roll of 1844. [also on rolls of 1835/37/41/47/48/59]

Joseph Edmondson given as elector of Barnoldswick in 1848, address Salterforth and ditto 1859 but address as Kelbrook.

1851 census
Thomas Edmondson, Lidgett Flatt Farm, 79, freehold farmer of 23 acres. Ann, wife, 71. Fanny, daughter 48.

1851 census
Jane Edmondson of Coates, 84 years, retired farmer.

1851 census
John Edmondson, Engine (area round Engine Inn) 75 years, fruit dealer. Ann, wife, 71. Joseph, 22, fruit dealer. Alice, 23, PLW. John W, grandson, 1 year.

1851 census
John Edmondson of Wapping, 71 years, labourer. Thomas, son, 36, labourer. Both were born at Bracewell.

1851 census
John Edmondson of West Marton, 45 years, agricultural labourer. Wife Olivia, 38. Hannah, 14. Thomas, 4. Catherine, 3. John, 1 year.

1851 census.
David Edmondson of Gillians, 28 carter. Wife Grace, 28. Alice aged 7 and Mary J. aged 2 years.

1851 census.
William Edmondson, Stock, Bracewell, 67, farmer of 42 acres.

1851 census
William Edmondson of Wapping, Barnoldswick, 40, HLW cotton. Rachel, wife, 43, HLW cotton. Roxhannah, daughter, 16. Ann Hartley, lodger, 13.

1851 census
John Edmondson of Gillians, 44, labourer. Nancy, wife, 45, Hand Loom Weaver cotton. Henry, 16, cotton spinner. Mary, 13, cotton spinner. Elizabeth, 11, winder. Jane, 8. Sarah, 6. Elizabeth Lambert, lodger, 41, HLW wool. Hannah Lambert, 39, HLW wool. Mary Lambert, I year.

1851 census.
Edmondson. Allan Jepp Hill. Head, married, 43, Limestone quarry labourer. Mary A. Wife, 45. James, 20 PLW (Power loom weaver). Roxhannah, 17, PLW. John, 14, factory hand. Matilda, 12. Joseph, 2 yrs.

1851 census
James Edmondson of Bracewell, 36 years, farmer of 5 acres.

1851 census
John Edmondson of Wapping, 46, clogger. Mary, wife, 46 and Ellen, daughter 10 years.

1851 census.
Edmondson. Ann, Monks Fold. 67. landed proprietor. Mary A Bell, 22, servant. William Windle, 25, lodger, PLW C. Hartley Windle, 17, PLW C.

1851 census
Jonas Edmondson mentioned as blacksmith, aged 41 years, address is Back John Street, Colne. Born in Barnoldswick.

1851 census
Sarah Edmondson of Stock, Bracewell, 72, pauper, born at Downham. Mary, daughter, 46, HLW wool. William, son, 40, Agricultural labourer. Jane, daughter, 36, HLW wool. Ellen, daughter, 27, HLW wool.

1861 census.
James Edmondson of Clock Face, Great Marsden, 49, retired corn miller, born Barnoldswick. Grace, wife, 47, born in Halifax.

1861 census.
Edmondson. Thomas of Townhead, 39, cut looker, born Barnoldswick. Sarah, wife, 35, seamstress. Robert, son, 13 warehouse boy. Thomas Slater, 111 PLW. James, 9. Christopher Emmott, 7. Edward, 5. Sarah Crook, 3. John Cowgill(?), 1 year.

In 78/AB/05, page 4. Billy Brooks talks about ‘Jim O’ Kits’ who was James Edmondson, selling family bibles at £1 (or one guinea) apiece in company with James Nutter. I also have a reference to Thomas Slater Edmondson selling bibles as well. At the time, the Nutters and the Edmondsons were near neighbours at Townhead. Stephen Pickles once told me that they used quite forceful selling methods, he suggested they went as far as threatening to Maim cattle! Stephen was no fan of the Nutter family so anything he says about this should be treated with caution but not dismissed. I have a note that says that James Nutter was uncle to the James Edmondson who sold bibles. I’m not sure where I got this evidence. Eric King said that James Edmondson sold Blackie’s bibles and pictures by Spurgeon in the North East of England with James Nutter and it was there that he met his wife, Annie Willis of Durham. They had children, Jane, Herbert, Harold, Jim, Chris, Cecil Willis and Leonard. James married a second time to Elizabeth (Lily) Johnson and they had one son, Colin. (This evidence came via Audrey, daughter of Eric King) Barrett directory of 1902 gives his address as Park Road.

1871 census
Joseph Edmondson, Barlick village, 54 years, Milk seller. In list for Local Board Elections of 1890 Joseph is listed as 63 years old, address given as 15 Railway Street, Gent.

1871 census
James Edmondson of Wellhouse Square, 51 years, greengrocer.

1871 census.
John Edmondson, Barnoldswick village, 77, occupation given as income from houses etc.

1871 census.
Henry Edmondson of Herriff Cottages, Butts, 66 years, limestone quarry man, unemployed. The 1851 census gives Henry Edmondson of Jepp Hill, 44, limestone quarry labourer. Wife was Isabella, 46. Johnson, 19, PLW. Norman, 16, PLW. Henry, 11, scholar. Also in the house was John Wilkinson, lodger, widower, 75, Pauper (Agricultural labourer. Isabella’s father?)

1871 census
William Edmondson, Park Close Farm Cottage, Salterforth, 40 years, Bookseller and newsagent, born in Barnoldswick. A William Edmondson is described as elector of Salterforth in 1835/37/41.

1871 census
John Edmondson of Wapping, 40, farmer of 50 acres.

1871 census
Thomas Edmondson, Newtown, 40, labourer. Born Bracewell.

In a letter dated 30/06/1877, John Edmondson signs as secretary of the St Mary le Gill Lodge of the Oddfellows acknowledging a tenancy agreement between the Exors. Of William Bracewell (W M Bracewell of Calf Hall, son of Billycock) (exors. Were Smith Smith and Joseph Henry Threlfall) and Henry Ibbotson of Ibbotson Close (The Holme) who was a butcher. Witnessed by Robert Ibbotson.

The textile Mercury of 15/04/1886 reports that the Long Ing Shed Company proposes to purchase land at Long Ing to build a cotton mill. Capital was £20,000 in 40 shares of £500 each. In the list of directors James Mercer Edmondson is mentioned as having one share.

Barrett for 1887 records that Thomas S Edmondson was a partner in Nutter and Edmondson. Home address given as Bethesda Street, Barnoldswick.

In AWOL page 23 it is suggested that William Bracewell and James Mercer Edmondson were connected with the formation of this company on 3rd of July 1888. This is slightly opaque because if they meant Billycock he was dead, his only connection was that he had started building the gasworks to replace the existing plant at Wellhouse Mill which whilst primarily was concerned with lighting the mill but sold surplus gas to the public. The only firm connection I can find between JME and the gasworks is his membership of the gas sub-committee whilst serving as a councillor.

Slater Edmondson is mentioned as a tenant at Long Ing in partnership with James Nutter. In 1890 the partnership was dissolved, James Nutter went into Calf Hall Shed on his own account, Slater Edmondson stayed at Long Ing with 400 looms. The obituary for James Nutter says that he and Slater Edmondson started in partnership at Clough Mill.

In the Local Board Election list of candidates for 1890, Thomas Slater Edmondson’s address is given as Clough Terrace and his occupation as manufacturer.

In 78/AB/03. Page 3, Billy Brooks says that Slater Edmondson was a tenant in Long Ing and that later James Edmondson followed (Jim O’ Kits)

BUDC rate books for 1892 record Edmondson and Ormerod and Slater Edmondson as being tenants at Long Ing Shed, separate tenancies each of 400 looms approximately.

BUDC rate books record Edmondson and Ormerod and James Edmondson as being separate tenants in Long Ing Shed.

CHSCMB (Calf Hall Shed Company Minute Books) 14/11/1894. Edmondson and Tidswell applied for room and power space in the Wellhouse extension.

Thomas Slater Edmondson is mentioned as a manufacturer at Long Ing in a Round Robin letter from his employees dated 9 October 1895.

Slater Edmondson noted as tenant at Long Ing Shed.

Barrett’s Directory for 1896 records William Edmondson as living at South View Cottage, Earby.

Barrett’s directory for 1896 notes Henry Edmondson as toy dealer, 31 Church Street.

Barrett’s directory gives John Edmondson as butcher of Earby. Same directory for 1901 gives him as butcher and the address is 50 Water Street. This was the shop at the bottom of Riley Street.

CHSCMB. Loans to company 05/10/1898 and 15/02/1899. Qualified to act as director in list of July 1899. Ditto in July 1901 statement of accounts.

CHSCMB of 05/04/1899 mention the death of Johnson Edmondson. Proctor Barrett was elected in his place as director. Johnson Edmondson was one of the original directors of the Calf Hall Shed Company. He was one of the directors appointed to act in the letting of land at Wellhouse Mill, 07/10/1891. At the same meeting he was given responsibility for coal orders. Barrett 1897 notes him as overlooker of 9 Albion Terrace. 1871 census recorded him as living at Herriff Cottages, Butts, 39, cotton overlooker.

CHSCMB contain a list of those qualified (by shareholding) to be directors of the company in July 1899. James Edmondson is so qualified and therefore had a holding in the company.

In AWOL, page 109, William Edmondson is described as living in Kelbrook and being a recluse.

John William Edmondson mentioned as qualified to act as a director in the CHSC statement of accounts, July 1901. Mentioned as transferring shares, 01/04/1899. mention of a loan to CHSC 03/01/1900. JW and WS(?) Edmondson were successful applicants for Nutter’s space for 400 looms at Calf Hall Shed when Nutters relinquished the tenancy to move into the new shed at Bankfield. CHSCMB 15/02/1905. John William mentioned as tenant at Calf Hall Shed in CHSCMB, 22/05/1912. Informed the directors of CHSC that they had taken space in the new shed being built at Fernbank and would be moving out of Calf Hall Shed in about 18 months. CHSCMB, 29/10/1913.

Thomas Slater Edmondson mentioned in Barrett’s Directory for 1902 as Cotton Manufacturer, Long Ing Shed and address given as 12 Shaw terrace, Barnoldswick.

J M Edmondson member of BUDC. James Edmondson also a councillor.

Barrett 1902 mentions John Henry Edmondson as grocer and butcher of Townhead and 16 Mosley Street. Barrett 1896 gives him as grocer of Townhead.

CHSCMB 15/10/1902. John Henry Edmondson and H W Edmondson mentioned as unsuccessful applicants for Boocock’s space at Wellhouse Mill.

Thomas Edmondson was an applicant for the space for 400 looms at Butts mill left vacant when Bradley Brothers went to the new shed at Bankfield No. 1. Curiously his address was given as Stockport. [CHSCMB, 22/02/1905]

The site of the present Catholic Church in Barlick was bought off James Edmondson for £656. A tin church was built on the site costing £300 and opened in September 1914. This was followed by a day school fronting on to Bolland Street in the same year. The present church was consecrated in January 1929.

Textile Mercury; 15/04/1911. Barnsey Shed Company registered on March 4th 1911. Capital of £20,000 in £1 shares. T Edmondson was one of the directors. Thomas Edmondson is noted as moving the vote of thanks to the ladies at the engine christening ceremony at Barnsey Shed on Tuesday June 11th 1912.

Thomas G Edmondson mentioned in M/c Royal Exchange directory for 1912 as representative at the exchange for the Rainhall Manufacturing Company. They were in Barnsey Shed as tenants.

Edmondson and Company mentioned in MRED (Manchester Royal Exchange Directory) for 1912 as having 414 looms in Calf Hall Shed. James Edmondson mentioned in Worrall’s directory as having 396 looms at Long Ing.

The Rev, E Winnard came to Barlick as pastor of the Baptist church. Slater Edmondson was one of the Deacons at that time. [History of the Baptist Church. Page 81.]

CH 15/03/1929. Long Ing Shed company advertise Room and Power space. Applications to be made to T Edmondson, 5 Station Road, Barnoldswick.

CH (Craven Herald), 25/01/1929. Report that the strike at Edmondson’s Fernbank Shed over sewing in loom numbers was settled on Tuesday January 22nd when the weavers returned to work under the former conditions. CH 08/02/1929. Report that operatives at Edmondson’s Fernbank shed had agreed with the management that they would sew loom numbers on their pieces.

In 82/HD/03, page 9. Harold Duxbury talks about some of the building that B&D did at this time. One contract was to build Glenwyn up Brogden Lane for Hartley Edmondson.

In 82/HD/02, page 3, Harold Duxbury talks about buying meet from Whitham’s butcher’s shop and says it was the shop that Harwood had in 1982. This was the shop next to the Commercial pub (The Barlick) into which the pub extended. He says that Lemmy Edmondson had this shop after Harwood.

In a report in the CH dated 30/05/1930 dealing with EUDC debate about the adoption of roads in the Green End and Longroyd Road district of Earby John Edmondson (71) of 26 Green End Road said that he had built numbers 1-3 Green End Road.

Hartley Edmondson dies aged 58.

In the Council election Marshall Edmondson stood as a Communist candidate. He was noted as being a weaver and living at 19 Chapel Street.

Thomas Edmondson died July 6th 1932. Member of Council 1910-1913.

Report in CH of 18/03/1932 that James Mercer Edmondson (75) of Mercer House Gisburn Road had died. He was on the BUDC 1892-1920. Born at Carleton he came of Barnoldswick stock, the Edmondson family having farmed at Lidgett Farm, Brogden for over 300 years. As a boy he came to Barlick and worked as a weaver at Bracewell Brothers for a few years but then went into butchering and for many years had a shop on Newtown near the junction with Church Street. At the time of his death he was chairman of the Long Ing Shed Company Limited. In the 1890 Local Board election his address was given as 35 Skipton Road and occupation as farmer.

James Henry Edmondson died in November 1972. He was a councillor from 1948 to 1952 and was council chairman May 1950 to May 1951.

Martha Edmondson retired aged 80. She was a very good weaver at Bancroft on the pensioner’s side which were all eight loom sets. Martha told me that in all her years at Bancroft she had never seen the shafting stop until the day she retired. She was always out of the shed as soon as it started slowing down.

Article in CH dates 07/03/1980 refers to ‘the recent closure of Edmondsons at Fernbank’.

Edmondsons. Manufacturers.
In 82/JM/01. page 10, John Metcalfe says that Edmondsons at Fernbank had a lot of 16 stave cloths as they were sateen weavers. He says they started manufacturing in Nelson before they came to Barnoldswick and started at Calf Hall. [This may have been Bradley Mill. In 1838 it had a 16 hp engine {BPP 1837/38, xviii/iii}. In Baines Directory of 1824 William Holt is cited as cotton spinner and manufacturer of Bradley Mill] In the CH of 25/09/1931 There was a report that Hartley Edmondson had died aged 58 at his home, Glenwyn, Brogden Lane, Barlick. His business partner J W Robinson died shortly before and this was thought to have affected him. He founded the firm of Edmondson Ltd at Calf Hall in 1905 and was largely responsible for building Fernbank Shed to which Edmondsons transferred in 1916. He was a native of Barlick but left the town when his father, Henry Edmondson, went into manufacturing at Newby near Clitheroe. He then went to Nelson as manager for Wilkinson Hartley, a firm owned by his uncle.

Edmondson. Cecil Willis,
Son of James Edmondson. Married Sarah Ellen Swallow of Silsden. Children were Leslie, Phyllis Jane and Grace. Phyllis Jane married Eric King, children were Phyllis Audrey, Jacqueline and Eric Anthony. Info from Phyllis Audrey who was my secretary at Pendle heritage and before that was PA to Stephen Pickles at Long Ing Shed.

Edmondson. Colin, son of Edmondson. James,.
Son of James Edmondson. See Colin Street. In AWOL (A Way of Life Gone By) James Edmondson is noted as builder of Leonard Street and Colin Street and having named them after his sons. Edmondson Street also built by him and named after the family.

Edmondsons butchers.
78/AA/01, side two, page 7. Jim Pollard talks about buying meat from Edmondson’s shop at the bottom of Riley Street in Earby.

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ok here's a few Will Index entries to start with..
26 Jul 1858
Letters of Admin of personal estate and effects of Richard Edmondson of Addingham, labourer, widow died 16 April 1848 Addingham grnated Wakefield to Christopher Edmondson, Addingham, manufacturer one of the children having been first sworn, under £50
(A Christopher with occupation to fit shows up in census records in Addingham and Bradford but born Barnoldswick c1811, he married Margaret Simpson, siblings unknown at the moment., Christopher went on to produce at least 12 children)
Will 29 Mar 1860 of Robert Edmondson late of Barnoldswick, York, grocer died 12 Feb 1860 Barnoldswick probate Wakefield by thomas Edmondson, Barnoldswick, farmer, son, one of execs. under £800
(Robert's above son)  Will of Thomas Edmondson of Barnoldswick, Yorks, cut looker died 27 Feb 1875 Barnoldswick probate Wakefield to Thomas Slater Edmondson, Skipton, bookseller & stationer, son, one of execs. £100
Admins 11 Jan 1860
Allen Edmondson, Barnoldswick, quarryman died about 19 Apr 1859 Thornton in Craven, granted Wakefiedl to Mary Ann Edmondson of Barnoldswick, wid the relict having been first sworn under £100
Will 1861
Henry Edmondson of Barnoldswick, York, power loom weaver, widower died 16 may 1861 Barnoldswick granted Wakefield to John Edmondson, Barnoldswick, power loom weaver, one of the children. Effects under £300
1875 Will of Thomas Edmondson of Barnoldswick, Yorks, cut looker died 27 Feb 1875 Barnoldswick probate Wakefield to Thomas Slater Edmondson, Skipton, bookseller & stationer, son, one of execs. £100
Will index 1909
John Edmondson of 3 Far East View, Barnoldswick, yorks died 14 Sep 1903 Probate London 15 Sep to Betty Edmondson, widow £1001 11s 6d

John of 3 Far East View Terrace, Barnoldswick died 14 Sep 1903 Probate London 29 Apr John William Edmondson, weaver £251 10s former grant Sept 1909
Will index 1911
Betty Edmondson of 3 Far East View, Barnoldswick, yorks widow, died 14 Feb 1911 Probate London 7 Mar to Herbert Edmondson, weaver £1154 10s 5d
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