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WW1 medal info

Posted: 30 Apr 2015, 11:06
by uttleya
I would like to track down details of the medals earned by my granddad - Lord John Blake Uttley in the First World War
I have managed to track down a copy of his medal "card" for want of a better word but cant decipher it
Ideally I would like to track down his actual medals or find somewhere I could possibly have replicas designed (don't even know if that's possible)
Can anybody shed any light ?

Re: WW1 medal info

Posted: 30 Apr 2015, 12:21
by PanBiker
A copy of his service records if available may be useful although you already say that you have his medal list. This is where you need to go for service records and other information: Records

You should be aware that a lot of WWI service records were lost during the blitz of WWII not all them survive but you can always ask to see if they still exist.

There are a number of suppliers that manufacture replica medals, a quick Google search produced this as an example.You could make an enquiry if you know which medals you require.

Empire Medals

Re: WW1 medal info

Posted: 30 Apr 2015, 12:44
by Wendyf
I've just had a look on Ancestry and his service record is there but indecipherable, however he is shown on a list of medals received. Looks as if he was a Private in the 1st Yorks Light Infantry then re-enlisted in the York & Lancaster Regiment 4/2/1919. He received the British war Medal and the Victory Medal.