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Earby Grammar School founded by Robert Windle Esq. With an endowment of £20 per annum. Free for teaching boys from the parish of Thornton reading. [Langdale’s gazetteer of 1822]

History of the Baptist Church in Barnoldswick page 46. Christopher Windle is mentioned in connection with a request to John Wilson to come to Barlick as pastor. He never came but went to Rawdon in 1715, the Barlick church declined for five years.

William Windle mentioned as an elector of Barnoldswick in a roll of 1741.

William Windle paid land tax in Barnoldswick. 1753, 6/1. 1756/57, 12/2. 1760, 14/10. 1770, 11/1 ½ .

WINDLE FIELD. THORNTON 1788 Will of John Shackleton of Pasture House. gent Messuages called Stone Edge, Upper Lands or Burnt House and New House. and cottages called New Houses, all in Barrowford, with other specified properties there, to Trustees for daughter Jennet. To daughter Mary, messuage called Fidling Clough in Thornton., co.York; also £1000. Pasture House, Whitticroft and other specified properties in Barrowford and Colne. to trustees for wife Mary- for life, then to daughter Jennet, subject to annuity to mother-in-law Margaret Cowgill. To wife messuage in Thornton called Windle Field, and messuage in Kildwick, co. York, for life, then to daughter Mary. [John Clayton info. August 20051

1841 census
Windles in Earby.
Petty Windle, Pauper, aged 80, born in county
William Windle, cotton weaver, aged 45 born in county
Living in Earby

Richard Windle, weaver, aged 25, born in county
Maria Windle, aged 20, born in county
Elizabeth Windle aged 4, born in county
Abigail Windle, aged 2, born in county
John Windle, aged 6 months, born in county
Living in Earby

Hartley Windle, cotton worsted weaver aged 60 born in county
Petty Windle: aged 55, born in county
Thomas Windle. cotton worsted weaver, aged 20, born in county
Living in Earby

John Windle, cotton worsted weaver aged 35, born in county
Sarah Windle, cotton worsted weaver aged 35, born in county
Ann Windle, aged 5, born in county
Alice Windle, aged 2, born in county
Hartley Windle, aged 1 month born in county
Living in Earby

Thomas Windle, cotton twister, aged 40, born in county
Sarah Windle, cotton weaver aged40, born in county,
Mary Windle, cotton weaver. aged 15, born in county
William Windle. cotton weaver, aged 15. born in county
John Windle, aged 11, born in county
George Windle, aged 9 born in county
Hartley Windle, aged 7, born in county
Sarah Windle, aged 5 born in county.

Info from Avril Slater: WINDLE. JOSEPH. I was interested to read your article on the Slater family, as my husband’s great grandmother was Nancy (Nanny) Slater, born 1849, she married Joseph Windle who became a Cotton manufacturer in Barnoldswick, my records go back to John Slater born about 1765.

1851 census
Windle House mentioned as a 20 acre farm on Jepp Hill. Thomas Slater was resident there.

1851 census
John Windle of Cow Pasture Farm, Barnoldswick. Aged 32, power loom weaver cotton. Wife Alice, 27 hand loom weaver wool. Henry, 7. Margaret, 2. Sarah, 1 year.

1851 census
Joseph Windle. Moor gate. Age 31, farmer of 17 acres. Mary, wife, 29. William, 7. Margaret, 6. Joseph, 4. Alice, 2. Mary, 1 month. John Dean lodger, 40, labourer.

William Windle noted as an elector of Barnoldswick.

1871 census
Joseph Windle, Moor Close Farm, 50 years, farmer. William Windle, 46, overlooker, born in Earby. Living on Newtown.

Walton Windle mentioned as a shareholder of the Calf Hall Shed Company.

Joseph Windle, member of the council.

BUDC rate books report Windle and Bailey as manufacturers in Calf Hall Shed with a rate bill of £77 for the half year. [They left Calf Hall in 1892 and the shed company bought their 184 looms for £800.]

Calf Hall Shed Company minutes: John Windle, millwright, given time and a quarter wage for work on Wellhouse Mill shafting in March. Given 2 week’s notice on May 28th same year.

BUDC rate books. Half year ending 26 March 1894. Windle and Bailey are tenants in Wellhouse Shed with a local Board Rate of £188. [In 1895 they applied to the shed co. for their rent to run in arrears. In 1898 they were asked to start paying the arrears on a monthly basis. Windle owed £975 and Bailey £776. Roughly the same position in 1899.]

Barrett’s Directory reports Windle and Bailey as manufacturers at Wellhouse Mill. Same directory lists Ormerod Windle as overlooker of 22 Rainhall Road.

Barrett for 1896 notes Thomas Windle, Overlooker, Westgate.

Benjamin Windle qualified to act as director of the Calf Hall Shed Company. Same entry in 1901.

LTP. 78/AB/05. Billy Brooks talks about tacklers starting their own firms, he mentions Windles as one of these.

John Metcalfe, manager for Slater Brothers, mentions that Joe Windle (Pummers) started his career as a manufacturer as a tenant in Clough Mill.

Barrett Directory cites Joseph Windle and Sons as cotton ,manufacturers of Wellhouse Mill. Newton Pickles said that it was called ‘Pummers’ when his mother worked there. [LTP. 78/AG/02]

Barrett notes R S Windle as Registrar of Births and Deaths and Vaccination Officer. Address, Mosley Street, Barlick. In 1912 noted as stock and share broker of Station Chambers in a deal of 1012. Incorporated as an accountant and later became Windle and Bowker of Station Road. In 1913 noted as secretary of the Barnoldswick Room and Power Company (Bankfield Shed) offices in Newtown, Barnoldswick.

Joseph Windle. Member of the Education committee on BUDC. Address given as Park Road and occupation, cotton manufacturer. Barrett for 1902 cites him as a council member.

LTP. 79/AO/01. Jack Platt says his mother worked at ‘Pummers’ at Crow Nest Shed about this time. [Jack may have the shed wrong]

Manchester Exchange Directory has no mention of Windle and Bailey. Cites Joseph Windle and Sons as manufacturers at Wellhouse Mill with 407 looms. Mentioned in Calf Hall minutes as tenants at Wellhouse in 1900/1901. Refused to sign lease on 3/12/1913 saying they were moving into ‘the new shed’ when it was ready. Signed a 7 year lease a fortnight later. Mentioned in Worrall’s directory as tenants at Wellhouse with 401 looms in 1939.

Barrett directory notes that Robert Slater Windle is secretary of the Barnoldswick Tallow Company ltd. Tripe dressers in Butts.

Gunner Robert Windle, 23996, ‘D’ battery, 11th Brigade Royal Field Artillery died 29th November 1918 aged 26. Husband of Jane Windle of 25 Colin Street Barnoldswick. [source, Commonwealth War Dead 1914/18]

Robert Slater Windle appointed an executor (With Jane Atkinson, wife of the deceased) in the will of William Henry Atkinson, March 1918.

Robert Slater Windle of Midland Bank Chambers advertises 200 45” reedspace Pemberton looms manufactured 1915 for lease or sale in Barnoldswick with all utensils. [Craven Herald 01/03/1929] There are various adverts placed by him about this time acting as liquidator for firms in trouble. He was liquidator for H Brown ans Sons in the same year.

Fred Windle assists Johnny Pickles to start new business after H Brown and Sons liquidated in 1929 by lending him a gas engine and welding plant.

CH 18/07/1930. In report of the annual meeting of the Barnsey Shed Company retiring directors T Waite and R S Windle are re-elected.

CH. 27/06/1930. report of the death of Samuel Windle (72) of Bankfield
Terrace. Born in Newtown in 1858. Mr Windle attended the School in Butts and stayed on until he was 13 and then became page boy to Dr Roberts who for many years lived on what is now the site of the Independent Methodist Church. After 18 months he went into service with J T Hopwood at Bracewell Hall as pony boy and then coachman. He removed with Hopwood when they moved to Ketton in Rutland. He remained in service with various families until he got married in 1878 in Northampton when he returned to Barnoldswick and worked with his brother in the mills. About 1880 he went into service again in Kent and in 1898 returned to Barnoldswick and started work at Bankfield in the warehouse, his wife was a winder. He was employed until his death.

In This is my Life page 27 Jack Griffiths refers to Fred Windle starting a garage repairing motor bikes and cars in a wooden hut next to the gas works. Later he moved to the Vicarage Road site and had a taxi service and became funeral directors.

James Slater Windle mentioned as a candidate in the 1931 council election. Noted as a taper and living at 11 Wellhouse Road. His by-name was ‘Slate Pummer’ and he was a taper at Joseph Windle and Sons of Wellhouse Mill. He was a member of the council 1925/1931 and died November 17th 1938.

Stuart Windle noted as Council member 1932/1935. Died March 9 1952.

Sally Windle used to live in Green End Cottages, the second from the top. At the end of the cottages was a long narrow building called the bake house. Sally Windle baked 'a score' of oatmeal at a time into oatcakes. Later she and her husband moved to a block of houses off Stoneybank Road which is
Now (1932) the Clarence Club. She had a bakestone in the living room. They used water from the beck for domestic purposes but brought drinking water from a spring on Stoneybank opposite the cottages. Waste water was poured
away in the street. (from Craven Herald. 30/12/1932)

CH. 30/12/1932. William Windle was born in Earby on January 3,1825. His father was Thomas Windle. In his early years William was a hand loom weaver and he was one of the first power loom weavers to work at The Old Shed which was the weaving shed Christopher Bracewell built at Green End in Earby. The Old Shed was a long narrow building containing 140 looms and was later enlarged to 260. It was visited by the 'Plug drawers' [during the summer of 1842]. When Christopher Bracewell’s son William built Butts Mill in Barlick, William went to work there and was one of the first tacklers in the town. In 1859 he married Margaret Broughton. William became a taper at Butts and worked there for many years. In his later years he had 16 looms in Clough Shed on commission weaving. Francis his son had 16 looms on the same terms and William tackled for both of them.

WINDLE AND WHITTINGHAM Article in the BET of 22/07/2005 reported the death of Mrs Ellen Windle aged 75. She was the wife of the late Victor Windle. Born in Burnley she was brought up in the Harle Syke area by relations after the death of her mother at an early age. She worked in a mill at Harle Syke where she met her husband. Following their marriage they went to live and work in Earby eventually owning and running the small weaving shed near the Red Lion pub in partnership with a man called Whittingham who lived on the Ranch. Following Victor's death in 1984 the weaving shed closed, was sold and later demolished.

Maurice Windle died 25 October 2002. Funeral at Trinity and interment at Gill. 87 years old.

Dorothy Carthy (info in October 2004) was related to the Windles and she said that she once heard them talking about how William, Duxbury had paid Towers Singleton so badly for hire of funeral vehicles that he went bankrupt. They said they weren't going to go the same way and this is why they started doing undertaking themselves. Dorothy said that Harold was close but fair but that his father had a bad name for being hard to deal with. Dorothy’s father was Dewhurst Broughton Windle. His by-name was ‘Dewt’.

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