WW1 Soldier Memorial Metal Art Sculpture

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WW1 Soldier Memorial Metal Art Sculpture

Post by micktoon »

Hi all ,Here is a link to an amazing sculpture I went to see in Seaham, beside Sunderland in North of the UK.
Its been made by local artist Ray Lonsdale and all I can say its the best large scale metal art type sculpture I have even seen, what a shame this lad did not do the Angel of the North. It should really be doing a tour of the UK during the centenary year of the start of World War One so as many people as possible can see it. Well worth the trip to see if you are loacal or passing this way. It looks even better now as getting a patina of rust.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... enary.html

Cheers Mick
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Re: WW1 Soldier Memorial Metal Art Sculpture

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Someone else with a fantastic talent, thanks for posting the link Mick.
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Re: WW1 Soldier Memorial Metal Art Sculpture

Post by Stanley »

I like it (but I like the Angel as well!). It reminds me of a drawing I once saw of a soldier in the US Civil War leaning on a fence and surveying a battlefield, He says "I'll be damned if I ever love another country". Recognition of the futility of war.
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