Hello from across the pond

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Hello from across the pond

Post by Dreamspinner »

I'm a former resident of Kelbrook. I lived at 436 Colne Rd., Kelbrook, 1976-1984. I'm in the US for the past 33 years. I'm curious about the area and some of the locals. I was married to Graham Jagger, now a local magistrate...not sure where. Anyone know of the house I'm referring to? Anyone heard of George and Maureen Metcalfe? He was head of Earby Light Engineering in Kelbrook back in the 80's, and my children's godparents. If so...please put them in touch with me!
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I attempted to include a photo, in case anyone still knows me after 33 years.
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Re: Hello from across the pond

Post by chinatyke »

Hi. One thing struck me: you didn't give your name except for former Mrs Jagger. Hope someone can help.
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Re: Hello from across the pond

Post by Stanley »

Welcome to the site 'DS'. China is right, we have some brilliant genealogists on the site and I am sure they will be able to help you. (They have never failed yet!) But you have to give them somewhere to start like your full name, maiden name and anything you know about your parents..... Don't be worried about opening up, we are not scamming or data gathering!


Mrs Metcalfe and her son at Brown Hill in 1957.
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Re: Hello from across the pond

Post by plaques »

Welcome to the site as Stanley says a wealth of information where I tend to bore people to death on politics and Wendy is a leading light on Earby history. . But if you're not adverse to the dreaded 'Facebook' there is a good 'chat' site Earby Link.. Its run by a John Jones. You have to sign up (free) for admission. May be of interest to you but please stick with us and add your bit to our limited knowledge.
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