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1851 Census
Henry Crabtree, Salterforth, head. 44, farmer of 18 acres born Salterforth. Betty, wife 44 born Salterforth. Edmund son 17. Mary 15. James 13. Henry 11. Hartley 9. All born Salterforth.

1871 Census
Henry Crabtree. Wood End Farm, 65. Farmer of 60 acres employing one man.

Barrett for 1879 notes Samuel Crabtree as grocer and coal agent of Foulridge.

From entries in the Calf Hall Shed Company's minute books. Richard Crabtree was a coal merchant at Salterforth and supplied mill coal

Willie Crabtree mentioned as cloth-looker of Earby in Barrett's directory.

Barrett directory notes Crabtree and Bracewell as piano dealers on Skipton Road.

Crabtree. An iron merchant who moved looms from shed to shed in the 1930s. See LTP 78/AC/6. He was a scrap merchant as well and had a big wooden hut at the junction of Harrison Street and Rook Street. The site has two houses on it in 2006.

Article in Craven Herald 22/04/1938. In an article by J Hartley it is mentioned that Eli Crowther/Cowgill (?) was a manufacturer at Viaduct Shed, Colne around 1900. On leaving his business he went for a long holiday to Canada and the US with Brantford as his headquarters. On his return he married Maretta Crabtree, a member of an old Salterforth family who had lived at Nelson for many years. They went to live at Morecambe for five years and were associated with the Sandilands Methodist church there. Towards the end of WW1 they returned to Yellow Hall Kelbrook and more recently resided in Colne Road. The husband died shortly before the article was written.

A Frank Crabtree worked at Wild Brothers as a driver. See LTP 79/AO/04.

Dr Dick of Earby talks about his time as a GP with a house at Earby Crossing. He says the midwife then was a Nurse Crabtree from Colne.

When discussing the smash at Crow Nest Newton Pickles mentions Harry Crabtree who was a fitter at Brown and Pickles. See LTP 79/AG/10. See 78/AG/6 as well for an account of him helping Newton Pickles quarter an engine.

A Harry Crabtree was a manager at Johnson's at Earby. His wife worked there as well. They retired together in 1978. See LTP 78/AC/14. There are other mentions of this Harry Crabtree in the LTP. See 79/AD/10

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