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Post by Stanley » 29 Dec 2018, 07:40


Well you have survived! I hope you all had a very Happy Xmas with your loved ones and are not feeling too guilty! No need to, it only comes once a year. I'm writing this in the middle of November (our editor likes to have his ducks in a row well before Xmas!) and if you think back we were in the turmoil of Brexit matters, I think that most of us are thoroughly sick and tired of this by now and I am no exception.
However, it's no good shoving our heads into the sand and hoping it will all go away. Nobody knows exactly what the position is going to be in 2019 but long experience has taught me to plan for the worst case. If that turns out to be a pessimistic view it can only be a bonus. The most likely outcome seems to be that there will be a tighter economic climate and perhaps some basic food shortages as new systems bed in. If you can afford to do so concentrate on getting debts down, look for areas where you can save and think about making sure the kitchen cupboards have some everyday basics in them. This isn't an injunction to hoard, just a nudge to be sensible!
What worries me slightly is the number of people who carry no food stocks, do not do any cooking and rely on daily visits to the shops, supermarkets and take-away shops. The latter could be particularly affected as many of the cheap ingredients they use in the pursuit of profit originate abroad. I have to admit that I hate the 'Just Eat' advertising campaign! A telephone app is no substitute for buying basic meat, vegetables and fruit and cooking your own. I know, I am seen by many as being hopelessly old fashioned but I eat better and cheaper food than they do!
The Xmas sales period is traditionally when the large High Street chains make up any shortfall in profits during the year, that's why they spend a fortune on advertising. The prospects for this year aren't good and we might see even more damaging closing of uneconomic stores. This reduces the footfall and affects other, smaller businesses as well. I hope you have done what I urge you to do so often and supported our local small traders. They contribute so much towards the friendly feel of the town. I don't know about you but I see more of my friends in Town Square than anywhere else and it's a constant source of joy for me.
I'm sorry I can't write an upbeat message of hope and anticipation for 2019 but we live in interesting times and it would be irresponsible to give false hope. One good thing is that I am very old and can remember far worse times than this and yet eventually we survived and prospered. I see no reason why we can't do it now. So all best wishes for 2019 and I'll see you on Town Square!


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