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Post by nightknows » 01 May 2020, 00:58

I registered just to put a name to Mops Cop, but got beaten to it.

I've followed this site for many years though. back from steeplejacks corner and have even read all of Stanleys autobiographical posts, I often think of this site as I go down Didsbury road past his childhood home on the bus to stockport..

I'm probably a lot younger than most posters at 45, but I hope to equal the others in pure my curmudgeon spirit.

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Re: Intro

Post by Stanley » 01 May 2020, 02:12

Welcome Steve, join in on some of the topics and practice for when you are as old as I am....... :biggrin2:
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Re: Intro

Post by Whyperion » 09 May 2020, 20:30

HI Steve, if OGFB does not keep you busy enough Heatons Men in Sheds has a website and bi-weekly zoom meetings at present (the wood whittling and 3D plastic playing is currently on hold due to social distancing and most are in the to be shielded category) Similar criteria exist for membership (actually HMIS at present is free (thanks to some of the ward community grants from Stockport Council and similar and quid pro is assisting the local recreation grounds with flower planters and the like from time to time) though the optional £3 in the tin for the monday tea brew went toward a couple of other community donations late last year),

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